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Publishing an Autobiography at Ithaca Press

Sometimes the most interesting tales are the real-life stories of our lives. Publishing an autobiography gives others the chance to experience the events that shaped your life. Oftentimes these accounts give us a fresh look at history, and can help us to see the world from an entirely new point of view. An autobiography is really the most direct form of history.

Not everyone who publishes an autobiography is a celebrity or important figure-sometimes the most seemingly mundane experiences translate into beautiful narratives. As long as you are inspired to record your personal history, Ithaca Press can help you. With our wealth of experience garnered from publishing everything from How To books, memoirs, children's books, and novels, we can guide you through the process required to turn your autobiography from a dream with limitless potential into an elegant body of work.

Publishing an autobiography at Ithaca Press will guarantee that it is of the highest caliber-- meeting and exceeding every standard of the industry. Our familiarity with the industry also allows us to effectively work with you to market and sell your autobiography and maximize the number of potential readers exposed to it. Our Author Customized Websites are one unique way that we achieve this goal. We'll also register your autobiography with Amazon.com and Books in Print. Take the first step and visit www.IthacaPress.com to request a quote.

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